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Website Makeover

  With the changing direction of my interests and activities over the past couple of years, I'm shiftinging the emphasis of this website to reflect those changes.

  Woodturning has captivated me. Almost everything else I do has a lower priority. I still paint, but not often. My sawmill is idle for weeks at a time. But I'm at the lathe almost every day.

  I've sold a few things on Etsy, but listing individual items is tedious and time consuming. I'm going to create a Shop page on this site to show items for sale. I'll price items the same as on Etsy and see which platform makes better use of my time.

The ART page

is off to a slow start. My interests bounce around,and for the past few years, and perhaps forevermore, woodturning is my  passion.              

I've always been interested in learning to paint but never got around to applying myself seriously until several years ago. I built a small studio so Nereida and I can leave easels and materials set up rather than have to set things up in the living room and take them down at the end of a session and worry about splattering paint on walls and floor.

I watch instructional videos on YouTube in the mornings, take notes, and try to apply what I've learned in the afternoons. Sometimes I get lucky.

Two of three paintings entered won ribbons for First and Second in their categories. The blue-ribbon winner became my first sale.

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