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My latest interest, or passion, is woodturning, making useful, decorative, and artistic pieces from wood on a lathe.

You can follow the progress of this old dog learning new tricks on the WOODTURNING page and on YouTube

I'll add paintings to the ART page from time to time. Those for sale can be found on Etsy at Eric Rush Woodturning.

Free domestic shipping!

A PDF file, Dory Story is an illustrated, day-by-day account of my building the second of two boats in 2015. It's Free from the BOOKS link above.


An honest look at a life, a career, and the hard work, hard decisions, and the occasional lucky breaks that go with it.              --mbrockett on Amazon


If Richard Bach or Ernest Gann flew the author's flights and lived his life, this is how they'd write the story.                                   --R Nixon on Amazon


Funny and very well written, accurate and honest...          --scott on Amazon


Absolutely top notch memoir of a most interesting life!                                                                                                          --Margaret B Boston on Amazon


Generally, I'm a pretty quiet reader...but this book had me laughing out loud! It was honest, witty, and provided a fascinating glimpse into the life lived in the cockpit.                                               --Katrina Peck* on Amazon


*I gotta confess, Katrina Peck is my daughter.



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