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The old site did not display correctly on all platforms, especially on phones and tablets. One result was confusion as to which PayPal button was for which book. Some displays didn't even show the image of Light & Dark. It took a while for me to realize why that first book had suddenly become so popular fifteen years after publication.

I offered to send Looking Out the Window... with price adjustment and let buyers keep the old book free. Most insisted on paying full price for the new book. I think proper restitution has been made for all but one buyer.

PayPal buttons on this site don't have the options that buttons on the old site had. There is no window to specify autograph instructions and no option for Priority Mail. I sign books by name to the person placing the order unless instructed otherwise. If you have a preference, email me through the link on the Contact page.

The new appears correctly on all the platforms I've checked it on, but if you have a problem, please let me know.

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